Lip Blush Tattoo Vacaville

What is Lip Blush?

Lip blush creates a soft and subtle blush of color defining the shape and giving the appearance of plump and flushed lips. Lip color is customized to each client based on natural lip color, undertone, and skin tone.

How does Lip blush work?

A hand held machine is used to deposit and layer pigments within the lips to create a soft and natural blush tone.

Does Lip blush hurt?

Discomfort is minimal and a numbing cream is used to ensure a painless procedure.

How long does Lip blush take?

There are several stages which include; numbing, outlining the lips, and the actual process of tattooing. This usually takes roughly 2-3 hours.

What colors are available for Lip blush?

A wide range of tones in the pink, coral, and red families are available to create a customized shade. This will be determined at the beginning of your session.

Is there downtime for Lip Blush?

The healing process for lip blush takes approximately 3-4 days. During that time, you may experience some swelling, redness, bruising, dryness, and texture until the lips naturally exfoliate themselves. Aquaphor or a provided barrier cream is to be applied during the healing process.

How to book an appointment at Face by Jen Win?

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