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Manual Brow Shading

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Manual brow shading technique is performed manually with a microblading pen. It is a perfect way to give your microbladed eyebrows a thicker, bolder makeup look. It is normally done on top of your microbladed eyebrows. When done in combination with microblading, the treatment is often referred to as combo-brows. Manual shading is a semi-permanent technique like microblading.


Jen Win


Hi! I am Jennifer Nguyen- A board certified and licensed cosmetologist for the past 25 years. I have owned my own beauty establishment in Carmel, CA for the past 20+ years where I have been able to help beautify women of all ages and backgrounds.

I feel invigorated and alive when I am able to help these women feel more confident, comfortable and proud of their appearance!
My attention to detail and natural aesthetic has led me to master the art of microblading.



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